Baijiu flight Chinese liquor

Recommend to Drink the Baijiu Flight in this order:

Yellow: YELLOW CRANE TOWER - 135 小黃鶴樓, Hubei, China

With a thick aroma of grains, it is clear in colour and harmoniously sweet and mellow in taste. 

Black: RED STAR ER GUO TOU 紅星二鍋頭, Beijing, China

Raw on the throat, bright, long finish. Famous & popular in Northern China especially Beijing. This brand started in 1949.  

Green: FEN CHIEW 杏花村汾酒, Shan Xi, China

Light aroma, savoury soy, spice & prunes with underlying notes of honey & hazelnut. This is the grandparent of Chinese liquor Baijiu with over 1400 years of brewing experience.

White: LUZHOU LAO JIAO TOU QU 瀘州老窖頭曲, Szechuan, China

Strong aroma with fresh & sweet taste, pungent peppery & fermented yeast with fruity peach & pear finish. It is one of the most famous brand in China with a strong aromatic style & characteristics that define quality Chinese baijiu.